Three Ways To Take Your Lawn Care to The Next Level

When the summer season rolls around, there are so many things to look forward to! These exciting things generally include swimming with your friends, ice cream runs, bonfires, and so many other summer-related activities. One of the main things that come along with the summer season is lawn care maintenance tips and tricks. Keeping up with your lawn year-round is important for many reasons, like a good return-on-investment value and the added joy of getting to enjoy what you have worked so hard for.

Follow along for ways that you can help transform your home by creating a great lawn care maintenance routine.

Pay Attention To Your Mowing Heightmowing lawn

Mowing your lawn generally seems like the most basic form of lawn care overall. However, there is more to mowing properly than meets the eye. The specifics of mowing get right down to height, type of grass, and more when it comes to being effective.

Let’s start with mowing height. The widely accepted “perfect” height to keep your lawn at is about two and a half inches. To be really effective in keeping your lawn healthy, you should be mowing so frequently that your mower only takes off about one-third of an inch each time. When you follow this rule, it allows your lawn to capitalize off the sunlight and fertilizer you are giving it. When you wait a little longer than this to cut your grass, the clippings can end up clumping together and causing a blockage to the living turf when it comes to sunlight.

Follow The Proper Fertilizing Schedule

A good fertilizing schedule for your turf’s needs can look a lot different than your neighbor’s. That’s why it is important to be sure you are connected with your lawn and understand its specific needs. Generally speaking, you will need to follow a schedule of slow-release fertilizers throughout the growing season. Additionally, people usually want to add preventative weed control measures such as crabgrass control and spot weed control.

Once you have your fertilizing schedule down, you need to pair it with a proper watering schedule.

Fertilizing is Useless Without Hydration

Hydration is key when it comes to standing up against the hot summer weather. When you fertilize your lawn, the seed is essentially sitting on top of it. What really makes a treatment like that most effective is how you irrigate your lawn. Now, you most likely already know this, but it is worth noting that a professional irrigation system is miles more effective and efficient than watering on your own with a garden hose. This is because with a proper hydration system you have the ability to control which parts of your lawn are watered and how much.

When you invest in a good hydration system, you will save on water and time in the long run. While you might shell out a good chunk of money for installation, it will give your lawn the last boost it needs to thrive throughout the summer.

After all, what is the point of your crabgrass preventer, slow-release fertilizer, and spot weed control if you aren’t going to keep it up with a good watering schedule?

Choose Organic Matter for Your Lawn Care Needs!man fertilizing lawn

The lawn care experts at Organic Matter Lawn Care have been providing what our neighborhoods need for over 16+ years! Since 2004, our team has been able to renew lawn after lawn, leaving each customer satisfied with their unique lawn care treatments. This includes an extensive seven-step lawn care program that is offered beginning right at the start of the growing season.

Some of the additional add-on lawn care services that we offer as a company include things like:

  • Aeration: For when your soil becomes compact.
  • Grub Control: As the eighth step of our seven-step program, for an additional cost if required for your lawn.
  • Surface-Level Insect Control: For when chinch bugs, grubs, mites, rodents, and any other creepy, crawly insect begins making your lawn it’s home.

We don’t just stop at lawn care – Organic Matter also takes care of all of your tree and shrub needs. We will treat them with nutrients, fertilizer, and more. Check out our tree and shrub care program.

Are you ready to book a lawn care service with us? Give our team at all at 817-888-8961.

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