Lawn Care in Euless

Since Organic Matter was founded in 2004, we’ve prioritized care for the environment while providing high-quality lawn care. Our work is evidence that a healthy and beautiful lawn is possible without the use of harsh chemicals. When you choose Organic Matter for lawn care in Euless, you’re making a sustainable investment in the wellness of your lawn and the family and friends that use it.

Our comprehensive seven-step lawn care program is designed for common grasses in Texas and includes:

    • Bio-nutrient applications that naturally nourish your turf.
    • Crabgrass preventer that protects your lawn without harming your grass.
    • Slow-release fertilizer for sustainable, healthy growth.
    • Surface insect treatments for chinch bugs, mites, and more.
    • A free estimate when you contact us!

As a family owned and operated business, we’re committed to using products that are family and pet safe. We’re proud to provide our neighbors with organic lawn care that brings the beauty of nature to your backyard and preserves it for generations.

Lawn Fertilization

Fertilization is key to keeping your lawn robust and green. At Organic Matter, we do our best to minimize the need for nitrates, phosphates, and other additional chemicals. That’s why we use a bio-nutrient fertilizer that gives your grass the nutrition boost it needs naturally, making it healthier and more resilient in the long run. 

If you’re looking for natural lawn fertilization in Euless, you can count on Organic Matter to give you the visible, beautiful results you’re looking for without over-treating your lawn.

Lawn Aeration

Nature does amazing work. When it comes to lawn care, your piece of nature sometimes just needs a little help to look its best all year long. One natural process that can affect lawn health is compaction. Over time, soil becomes compacted with regular use and weathering. Compacted soil keeps grass from getting the air, water, and nutrients it needs by compressing roots. 

Fortunately, Organic Matter can relieve compaction as naturally as it happens. Our lawn aeration in Euless effectively releases the pressure of compacted soil. Additionally, we follow up aeration with a topdressing of organic compost that enriches the soil naturally and promotes healthy growth without overseeding

Organic Tree & Shrub Care

At Organic Matter, we understand that the health of your trees and shrubs starts with the environment around them and nutrients they absorb. Our approach to tree and shrub care in Euless focuses on caring for ornamentals from the inside-out. 

When you trust our dedicated team with your trees and shrubs, you can expect:

  • Above-standard, organic ingredients to feed soil and roots
  • Non-poisonous, food-grade products that are safe for family and pets.
  • Disease and insect prevention without harming the environment
  • Compost tea-based treatments with the power of natural microorganisms
  • Horticultural oil applications that prevent leaf spot, oak wilt, and more!

If you want comprehensive tree and shrub care that is environmentally-friendly, our talented team at Organic Matter is ready to give your ornamentals what they need to naturally thrive.

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