About Grapevine, Texas

About Grapevine, Texas

The team at Organic Matter is like a little family and we want to be part of what makes your Grapevine lawn the best it can be. Whether you are looking to take care of weeds with our 7-step lawn care program that includes grub control, or you need some tree and shrub care for your yard, the family at Organic Matter has the tools that can do it all.

Organic Matter helps keep the property of residents just as scenic as the downtown area can be. Between any of our services, we are sure that every household could use one, and our organic fertilization will help the town stay environmentally safe as well as beautiful.

Are you looking for help keeping up your Grapevine lawn or trees? Give Organic Matter a call today!

Our Services in Grapevine

Our Services in Grapevine

Organic Matter is proud to offer the following services in the area of Grapevine and beyond:

  • Lawn care and fertilization
  • Grub control
  • Surface level insect control
  • Aeration and top dressing
  • Tree and shrub care

Our lawn care program is a year-round program that treats for crabgrass and spot-weed control while using bio-nutrient fertilization. It’s an seven-step program that is applied every eight to ten weeks to ensure that your turf will hold up against the Texas heat. We are happy to tell our customers that grub control can be offered as part of our lawn care program or on its own! Aeration, top dressing, and surface-level insect control are additional services.

The tree and shrub care program that Organic Matter offers is a four-step process that is applied year-round because of the need we see for it in our community. The treatments contain horticultural oils, fertilization, and insect and disease suppressant.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy, year-round lawn service that cares about you and your environment, fill out our contact for to start today!

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Organic Matter provides year-round tree and shrub care to make sure your greenery is healthy and thriving!

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We provide lawn care that includes everything you might need! Check out Organic Matter and what we offer.