Lawn Care in Keller

Life in Keller, TX, can be pretty exciting. But, with all the bustling activities and interesting events going on, your lawn and the trees and shrubs around your home might be getting neglected. No need to stress about managing your yard or plants on your own! As lawn care and organic tree and shrub care experts, Organic Matter has you covered. 

We prioritize sustainability and use safe, non-toxic products to craft beautiful, vibrant green lawns and help plants of all species thrive. With our wide variety of lawn, tree, and shrub care programs, we will provide everything your yard and the plants in it might need without using harmful chemicals that could potentially hurt you, your loved ones, and your furry friends. When you partner with Organic Matter for your lawn care services, you can rest easy knowing that your lawn and landscape will look amazing and is environmentally-friendly. 

Lawn Fertilization in Keller

Like any other plant, the grass plants in your Keller lawn need a wide variety of nutrients and vitamins in order to thrive and look their best. The best way to get these vital components into your soil is by fertilizer treatments, but knowing which type of fertilizers to use and when and how to apply them can be complicated. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about figuring out complicated fertilizers on your own when you work with the Keller lawn fertilization experts from Organic Matter. 

Our comprehensive 7-step lawn care program is proven to work for all of the most common turf types in Texas lawns and utilizes organic products to protect you and your family from harmful chemicals. In addition to several rounds of slow-release fertilizer applications, our organic lawn care program includes everything your yard might need, including:

  • Bio-nutrients,
  • Weed control
  • Crabgrass prevention
  • Surface insect control
  • Winterizing compounds
  • And more!

Whatever your lawn problems are, the experienced Organic Matter technicians are here to help. 

Lawn Aeration in Keller

Our lawns get a lot of wear and tear from sources like foot traffic and weather events. Over time, this heavy use can cause the soil in your Keller area yard to become compressed, which can negatively affect the health of your grass plants and the appearance of your lawn.

Just a few of the benefits of lawn aeration by an expert include: 

  • Breaking up dense, compacted soil that can inhibit proper grass plant and root growth.
  • Decreasing water runoff and preventing puddles from forming in your yard.  
  • Promoting thicker grass growth, giving you a beautiful, full lawn with fewer patches and thin spots. 
  • Helping to maintain an appropriate amount of thatch, the layer of dead grass plants and roots that can accumulate on top of the soil. 
  • Allowing better access to important nutrients such as water, sunlight, and air all the way to the roots of grass plants, boosting the health of your yard and making fertilizer applications much more effective. 

If you’ve noticed signs such as thin or patchy grass growth, discolored areas, or the presence of puddles, it’s time to call the local lawn aeration professionals from Organic Matter. 

With lawn aeration, your yard will look better and greener than ever. As a final boost, Organic Matter technicians will apply an organic compost to maximize the benefits of aeration and jumpstart improved grass plant growth. 

Organic Tree and Shrub Care in Keller

Trees and shrubs aren’t just an accessory or unnecessary decoration, they are an important part of your Keller property’s landscape. These plants provide shade, visual focal points, and they can even increase your home’s curb appeal. At Organic Matter, we know that trees and shrubs can be a big investment for your property, so you’ll want to make sure your plants are healthy and have everything they need to flourish. 

If you want to make sure your plants are well taken care of, you need to call the Keller organic tree and shrub care experts from Organic Matter. Our 4-step tree and shrub care program works throughout the year to not only boost the health of your plants, but also to protect them from threats like diseases and harmful insects while reducing the impact on the natural environment with our effective organic ingredients. 

Whatever your outdoor care needs are, the Keller lawn care and organic tree and shrub care professionals from Organic Matter can help. Our team has the knowledge, experience, and techniques that can take your yard from lackluster to lush without using products that can be damaging to you, your family, and the environment. If you’re interested in a beautiful lawn and landscape for your Keller home all year round, look no further than Organic Matter Lawn Care. Be sure to visit our website to see additional details on all of our services, fill out our online contact form for a free estimate, or give us a call at 817-888-8961 so we can help you achieve your dream yard today!

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