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What Organic Matter Offers You

In our company, we want to provide our customers with an inclusive lawn care package that takes care of their needs. Organic Matter treats many of the different turf types that grow in Texas, including Bermudagrass, Zoysia grass, and St. Augustine grass. Our organic approach to lawn care works for every common turf type in our area.

Organic Matter has a popular 7-step lawn care program. For those who are looking for specific treatments or add-on services to this program, we offer:

  • Surface-level insect control: We take care of insects that can infect your turf like chinch bugs, grubs, mites, and many other common pests in our area.
  • Aeration: We provide aeration when necessary and rather than overseeding, we topdress your soil with organic compost every time.
  • Grub control: If you have our 7-step program, we will inform you if you have a grub infestation and you can choose to add this to your service.

Are you looking for year-round lawn service? Contact Organic Matter today for a free estimate!

Our Step by Step Process

Our 7-Step lawn care program encompasses everything you could need to help your Texas lawn thrive. Unlike our competitors, our carefully curated program includes everything! See what Organic Matter has to offer below:

  • Round 1: Bio-nutrient, crabgrass preventer, and spot weed control
  • Round 2: Bio-nutrient, crabgrass preventer, slow-release fertilizer, and weed control
  • Round 3: Bio-nutrient, slow-release fertilizer, and spot weed control
  • Round 4: Bio-nutrient, slow-release fertilizer, grub treatment, and spot weed control
  • Round 5: Bio-nutrient, slow-release fertilizer, surface insect treatment, and spot weed control
  • Round 6: Bio-nutrient, weed preventer, slow-release fertilizer, and spot weed control
  • Round 7: Bio-nutrient, winterize treatment, and spot weed control

Organic Matter will never overtreat your lawn because our goal is to do what’s best for your turf. We will even offer our customers a free estimate! Head over to our contact page to get yours today.

Take a Look at Where We Service

North Richland Hills, Texas

When you partner with us for lawn care in North Richland Hills, you can expect a team of professionals from right here in Texas who will provide you superior service that is both eco-conscious and cost-effective.

Fort Worth, Texas

Exceptional Lawn Care Services in Fort Worth Looking for environmentally friendly lawn care services in the Fort Worth area? You’ve come to the right place! Serving the Forth Worth community for almost two decades, our family-owned business provides modern-day lawn fertilization services with a big Texas heart. We utilize only organic products focused on delivering... Read more »

Euless, Texas

Since Organic Matter was founded in 2004, we’ve prioritized care for the environment while providing high-quality lawn care. Our work is evidence that a healthy and beautiful lawn is possible without the use of harsh chemicals. When you choose Organic Matter for lawn care in Euless, you’re making a sustainable investment in the wellness of your lawn and the family and friends that use it.

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