Organic Tree and Shrub Care

About Organic Matter's Tree & Shrub Care

Our team goes above and beyond to care for your trees and shrubs. Our goal is to ensure that they are healthy and thriving while ensuring that the environment around them is undisturbed.

In the same way that you take care of your body from the inside-out, we use the same approach for your trees and shrubs. With our program, we provide above-standard, healthy, organic ingredients for the soil and roots of your trees. These treatments also suppress harmful insects and plant diseases without harming the environment and local wildlife, or draining chemicals into the waterways—all so you can feel good about a great looking lawn!

Our products are non-poisonous and food-grade, which makes them safe for you and your family, and even your pets too. We have done our best to eliminate the need for nitrates, phosphates, and pesticides, without sacrificing effective lawn care.

Is organic lawn care important to you? You’ve come to the right place. Organic Matter cares about the environment just as much as we care about our customers.

Our 4-Step Year-Round Program

Our 4-Step Year-Round Program

Organic Matter will provide four rounds of organic treatments about every ten to fourteen weeks to your trees and shrubs. Staying true to our organic roots, we use a product with a base made from compost tea which contains many naturally occurring living microorganisms.

Our four-step program includes the following:

  • Round 1: Horticultural oils
  • Round 2: Fertilization, insect, and disease suppressant
  • Round 3: Fertilization, insect, and disease suppressant
  • Round 4: Horticultural oils

Our program is preventative for things like leaf spot, oak wilt, and other commonly seen issues among ornamental trees and shrubs. The tree and shrub program is offered all year long, starting as early as January 1st to accommodate the popularity of this program and continues on through the end of the year.

Interested in our four-step tree and shrub care program? Contact us today!

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Grapevine, Texas

Whether you are looking to take care of weeds with our 7-step lawn care program that includes grub control, or you need some tree and shrub care for your yard, the family at Organic Matter has the tools that can do it all.

Southlake, Texas

Since Organic Matter customers have sunshine all year long, it is important for them to be sure they have a lawn care company they can rely on to keep their yards picture-perfect.