Tackling Surface-Level Insect Control

There are quite a few bugs in Texas that can take over your lawn and turn it into their personal home. When this happens, you will need to tackle surface-level insect control as soon as you can so that your lawn doesn’t become so damaged that there is no way to save it.

The best thing you can do is know which bugs are in your area and what to look for. Additionally, if you know how they are damaging your lawn, you can know how to treat them as well.

Lawn Bugs To Be On The Lookout For

Chinch Bugs chinch bug

These little bugs are hard to see and are skilled in hiding – which makes them potentially more dangerous since you might not know you have a problem before it is too late. The larger chinch bugs, the adults, are 1/6 of an inch in length, so pretty small to notice. Their color is a gray/black color and what really identifies them is their long legs.

When these bugs, we call their young “nymphs” and they are basically impossible to see because of their small size, however, their color makes them slightly more noticeable as they are a bright red color but will turn to look more adult as they mature.

Both the young and old like to hide in dead things –  like leaves, yard clippings, thatch that has been developing on your lawn, and anywhere else there might be a dead plant lying around. The one and the only way to prevent chinch bugs such as these are to aerate your lawn in the spring. It is best to start in the spring because it is really the only way to prevent the damage that will happen in the late summer from these pests. As the months get hotter, the damage will get worse, and you will start to see your grass brown.

Watch Out For Billbugs

If you’re in the lawn care realm, everyone knows about grubs – but not everyone knows about their friends, the billbug. This particular bug causes damage and you will start to see almost random dead patches on your turf in the late summer months of July and August.

While billbugs are similar to grubs in both how they look and how they affect your lawn, billbugs don’t tend to cover your entire lawn and make cause for an entirely new replacement, as grubs normally would. The adult billbugs are a faded grey color that eventually can turn into a black beetle. They are small, but not quite as small as the chinch bug, about one-fourth of an inch to one-half inch long. However, their young are called larvae and they are white, lacking legs, and only 5/8ths of an inch long.

Sod Webworms

This is a pretty common issue when it comes to surface-level insect control. Sod webworms, which are commonly referred to as “lawn moths” are small, light brown moths that everyone is used to seeing. They are only about one-half inch to three-fourths of an inch long. Similar to the chinch bug we previously mentioned, the young Sod Webworms are what causes the real damage to your lawn.

When the young arrive to attack your lawn, they look like brown or grey bugs that are similar to caterpillars. The larvae are tough to see because they tend to only come out at night. The largest indicator of a sob webworm infestation is if your turf looks like it has been cut too short. Taking care of them before they reproduce is the key to getting rid of these bugs before the next season rolls around.

Organic Matter Can Tackle Your Surface-Level Insect Control!billbug

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