What Your Trees And Shrubs Need To Make It Through Winter

Winter will be in full swing in a matter of weeks. If your trees and shrubs are protected, issues like overwintering insects, lack of nutrients, and diseases can wreak havoc on your largest – and most expensive – ornamental plants. To avoid all those things, you’ll need to add the following items to your tree care regimen.

Late Fall Tree And Shrub Care For North Texas

Targeted Feedingsfertilizing a tree by hand

Because trees and shrubs are larger, they require more nutrients than your turfgrass. However, sprinkling fertilizer on the surface of the soil around these plants isn’t the best idea. This method is acceptable for turfgrass, but if you do this for your larger plants, you could be robbing them of the total dose. That’s because other plants like flowers and the lawn itself can compete with your tree. So how do you avoid this problem? Deep-root feeding.

This is one of the most common tree care services. Our team member will use a tool that looks like a giant needle to inject a high dose of nutrients directly into the tree or shrub’s root system. This will bypass the competition from any nearby plants. And since trees are focusing on strengthening their root system before winter, feeding at this point will help stimulate that root growth. By performing deep-root injection every fall, you’ll boost the tree’s chances of making it through winter unscathed. Replacing and removing dead trees can be expensive, and you can prevent this by opting for this beneficial service each fall. If your trees or shrubs seemed to lack the vibrant color they had in the past or didn’t grow as well as they have before, it’s a good indicator the soil has been depleted of nutrients.

Another added benefit is that the procedure helps break up compacted soil near your tree. Compaction happens naturally over time, especially around larger plants, and when this happens, the earth becomes hard like cement. Hard ground prevents air, water, nutrients, and sunlight from penetrating the soil. It also makes it challenging for your tree’s roots to expand and grow. If you’re wondering whether your garden soil is compacted or not, take a screwdriver or hand trowel and see if you can dig into the earth easily. If it feels like you’re digging into a rock, that’s not a good sign.

Get Rid Of Pests

Pests big and small are vying for a chance to make a meal of your tree or use it as a shelter for the winter. You can get rid of both with a dormant oil application. You might have also heard this product referred to as horticulture oil, all-seasons oil, or superior oil. These plant-safe sprays are used by homeowners and large-scale orchards alike. They’re a tried-and-true method of killing existing pest infestations as well as keeping new bugs at bay. It’s a good idea to apply this treatment in late fall when insects are most likely to seek shelter, lay their eggs, and enjoy a final meal before hibernation. The oil will wipe them all out by smothering them. It’s incredibly effective, and it will target bugs at any stage of their life cycle, from unhatched eggs up to egg-laying small tree & rootsadults. It helps suppress microscopic problems – like molds, mildews, and fungi – to larger bugs like aphids, grasshoppers, scales, mites, and more.

Even if you haven’t noticed an obvious problem this year, it’s always a good idea to spray dormant oil in late fall. With many things in the yard care department, it’s easier – and cheaper – to prevent problems instead of treating them.

Organic Tree Care Is Better

If you’re concerned about chemical usage in your garden, we understand! That’s why Organic Matter uses natural and organic-based products. In fact, some of our products are derived from composted tea! If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We’re happy to go over our tree care program with you and discuss treatment options with you.

Get Professional Winter Tree Care – Call Organic Matter!

Organic Matter Lawn Care provides tree care and organic lawn care to customers in the area of Grapevine, Texas. There’s no need to worry if your trees and shrubs will make it through until spring – we’ll make sure they do. Our tree care program protects from current and potential insect infestations and boosts nutrient levels, so your larger plants have all the food they need during winter. And the best part: our products are all-natural! If you’d like to learn more about how our program benefits your plants or would like to schedule an appointment, give us a call at 817-888-8961, or you can reach us online here.

In the meantime, be sure to check out our blog for more helpful yard care tricks!