Why Organic Lawn Care Is Better For The Health Of Your Yard

Some people do it for environmental reasons. Others, because they don’t like the idea of using chemicals around their children. Whatever the reason may be, there are many perks to switching from traditional to organic lawn care. If you’ve always wanted to make the switch, or have been thinking about it, consider this your sign that it’s time.

Benefits Of Going Organic

The Eco-System Will Thank Yousoil testing by hand

Traditional lawn care utilizes synthetic chemicals and substances to treat weeds, diseases, and pests. Organic-based lawn care instead fights fire with fire by relying on naturally occurring ingredients. Synthetic chemicals can harm the local wildlife population and put your family at risk – especially families with dogs and small children, who are most likely to roll around on the lawn. When all those chemicals are applied to your yard, they will eventually work their way down into the water table. But when you choose Organic Matter Lawn Care, you can rest assured – we only use organic products!

Your Lawn Will Get Stronger

Organic material is naturally rich in the macronutrients your turfgrass needs to grow healthy and robust: nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. Nitrogen gives grass that lush green color we all dream of, and phosphorous helps grassroots get stronger. And potassium helps keep grass stay tough against things like drought, heat, and other stressors – something crucial for lawns here in Texas.

Organic Fertilizer Improves The Soil’s Health Too

Many organic fertilizers are rich in carbon, which is ideal. Carbon helps filter out waterborne pollutants that your soil could be exposed to, and it helps keep your lawn aerated. If you didn’t know, the soil should ideally be loose, so air, water, sunlight, and minerals can reach the root system. You don’t want your soil to be hard and compacted. Carbon helps keep your soil in the preferred crumbly and porous condition.

Further, since organic fertilizer is made from natural materials, they are already biodegradable. You won’t have to worry about whether or not they’ll break down in the environment. And you won’t have to worry about correcting the pH level of the soil as often as you would using traditional lawn fertilizer. Natural lawn care keeps the pH relatively stable compared to synthetic options, and it increases microbial activity.

No Health Risks

You’ve probably seen those signs that say, “Keep off the grass.” When chemicals are freshly applied, they can be a risk to those who come in contact with it while it’s still wet. But even after it dries, how safe is it? Sometimes children put things in their mouths, and dogs chew on plants that they shouldn’t. When dogs and kids put dirt in their mouths, it can expose your family to sprinklers watering lawn at sunset chemicals that could cause health problems. Also, people with sensitive skin could experience irritation if they come in contact with the dried chemicals. Organic lawn care will give you the healthy and lovely lawn you’ve always wanted – without the harsh chemicals.

Organic Products Save Water

Unlike synthetic chemicals, organic lawn maintenance programs require less water. The reason? Synthetic chemicals are harder for your turfgrass to break down; harder on the lawn’s digestive system if you will. And chemicals typically wash out rather quickly after being applied. This is a common problem with synthetic fast-release nitrogen fertilizer. So not only will you spend more money on watering the lawn, you could run the risk of having to reapply the fertilizer if it gets flushed out of the soil. Organic-based fertilizers don’t require as much energy from your grass, nor do they dilute quickly like synthetics.

Why Hire Professionals

When you work with Organic Matter Lawn Care, you’ll have peace of mind knowing no harsh chemicals are being applied to your yard. Our multi-step program has strategically timed visits so we can address the needs of your lawn as they change with the seasons. You’ll not only have healthy, well-fed grass, but you’ll see fewer weeds and pests. We can tackle problems like grubs and surface insects while fertilizing your lawn! Why not kill two birds with one stone? And because our staff has years of experience, we can spot problems before they get out of hand and advise you on the status of your lawn and where we think adjustments to the program should be made.

Make The Switch To Organic – Contact Organic Matter Lawn Care

Organic Matter Lawn Care is an organic lawn care company servicing the Grapevine and Southlake, Texas communities. Our organic lawn care program provides your lawn with seven treatments throughout the year to nourish your grass and keep annoying seasonal weeds at bay. If you’d like to learn more or schedule an appointment, give us a call at 817-888-8961 or reach out to us online. And be sure to check out our blog page, where you can find more helpful articles on carrying for your lawn, trees, and shrubs.