Our bottom-up approach to lawn care means lasting, healthy beauty.

Lawn Care - Tree and Shrub Treatment - Aeration

The 7-rounds of lawn care include:

Our 7-rounds of care means nothing is left to chance, and nothing is taken for granted. You’ll have a solid foundation for a lawn that will afford lasting beauty for your home.

Round 1: Bio-nutrient, crabgrass preventer & spot weed control
Round 2: Bio-nutrient, crabgrass preventer, slow-release fertilizer & weed control
Round 3: Bio-nutrient, slow-release fertilizer & spot weed control
Round 4: Bio-nutrient, slow-release fertilizer, grub treatment & spot weed control

Round 5: Bio-nutrient, slow-release fertilizer, surface insect treatment & spot weed control
Round 6: Bio-nutrient, weed preventer, slow-release fertilizer & spot weed control
Round 7: Bio-nutrient, winterize treatment & spot weed control

Just like probiotics for your body, we start at the inside for outer health.

Good, healthy, organic ingredients for your soil, roots and lawn will leave you with a gorgeously green and lush yard all season long without the sudden surges in growth that can come with chemicals. These treatments also suppress harmful insects and plant diseases without harming the environment and local wildlife, or draining chemicals into the waterways—all so you can feel good about a great looking lawn!

Our products are non-poisonous and food grade.

That makes them safe for the whole community. We’ve essentially eliminated the need for nitrates, phosphates and pesticides, without sacrificing effective lawn care.


The 6-rounds of Tree and Shrub care include:

Closing the gap between Mother Nature and your Trees and Shrubs.

Trees and shrubs truly thrive in a natural forest environment, where there are plenty of leaves and debris that decompose and create an abundance of natural microbiology in the soil.  On the forest floor the circle of life is complete.

Our Program helps to recreate that natural circle of life that would happen in the forest.  It helps to build up the microbiological life in and around the trees and shrubs which in turn helps their root development, helps the nutrient uptake.  In addition, we help to create healthier trees and shrubs that have much less occurrence of disease and insects on top of our natural occurring fungus disease and insect suppression that we would have in our product through our natural botanical oils.

We use a compost Tea base product that contains many naturally occurring LIVING microorganisms on every round.

Round 1: Horticultural oils
Round 2: Fertilization, Insect & Disease Suppressant
Round 3:Fertilization, Insect and Disease Suppressant

Round 4:Fertilization, Insect and Disease Suppressant
Round 5:Fertilization, Insect and Disease Suppressant
Round 6:Horticultural oils


Our services include:

  • Fertilization
  • Weed Control
  • Shrub Treatments
  • Ornamental Tree Treatments
  • Grub Treatment
  • Surface Insect Treatment

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